The more you listen to this recording the more you crave it.

39+ Minutes, 18 Megabytes


How strongly do you feel how much you love being entranced by Me, My hott!-pet?
Interactive listening to this repeating phrase recording will embed the fact this is AN INESCAPABLE TRUTH DEEPER AND DEEPER into your subconscious. There what I’ve implanted will grow stronger and stronger.

Of course you’ll be insatiably inspired to seek my trance again and again. And all the wonderful, blissful feelings that go along with it amplify My powers. Come closer to HYPNOTIQUE SLIP SLIDING INTO SLEEP WITH ME. ENTRANCED uses a repeated set of enthralling and oh so entrancing phrases I entrancingly recorded in my special *Dream Voice.* No entrancing inductions are involved. However, ENTRANCED is just as powerful and sweetly addictive as any of My other Hott!-Erotic releases!
Now….Say, “YES, MISTRESS Marquesa”.

39+ Minutes


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