Submit to Marquesa

Turned on by My shapely legs and Transfixed by a magic wand in My hedonistic hands? you are who I want to titillate with My Submit To Marquesa voluptuously leggy video.

31 Mins, 112 Megs


My pleasures pup-pet is:

Turned on by My shapely legs and

Transfixed by a magic wand in My hedonistic hands.

Well, you are who I want to titillate with My Submit To Marquesa voluptuously leggy video.

Keep your eyes resting on My silky pantyhose clad stockinged, luxuriously long legs.

Know that I am both feminine and formidable.

See how I use a wicked wand to make you dreamier and dreaming of virtually caressing My stunning body?. spell-binding you to Me want only entrancing will.

And the glittering globe you can’t resist staring at certainly helps Me seduce you to succumb! submit! and surrender! to My velveteen voice AROUSING and commandeering you.

I sexquisitely unleash My Submit To Marquesa video to carnal call you to please Me

31 Mins, 112 Megs

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  1. PawnofMarquesa

    If there is such a thing as a true love spell, this video is it. I first watched “Submit to Marquesa” five years ago, and have been obsessed with Goddess Marquesa ever since.

    The effect was instantaneous. The video itself is deceptively simple. It consists entirely of Goddess Marquesa stroking Her own gorgeous, stocking-clad leg with an amber wand. Your eyes follow Her wand up and down the curves of Her leg as She slowly, gently entrances you into a deep sleep of desire and complete submission to Her will.

    Though the structure of the trance is quite basic, the intense eroticism of the spell Goddess Marquesa casts is impossible to describe in words. Much of it, of course, is driven by the sheer sexiness of Goddess Marquesa’s form. Her legs are so voluptuously enticing, the hand that holds Her wand is so sensually elegant, that the effect on the eyes is like the taste of exquisitely delicious food when it first encounters your tongue. The sight of Her satisfies and deepens one’s hunger in the same instant. Along with Her form, Her voice is irresistibly seductive. The rich tones and cadences of Her speech seep into your ears like enchanted music.

    But Her physical presence alone cannot explain the power of this trance. Her personality shines through in this as in all of Her videos, overwhelming You with the force of Her charm. She is a paradox: at the same time so insouciantly playful, , so deeply soulful, so darkly seductive, so benignly wise, that Her effect can only be described as ravishing.

    But even the combination of Her personal allure and Her carnal beauty cannot fully explain the power of “Submit to Marquesa.” Above and beyond all else, the concept of the video is so ingeniously audacious that its power transcends the sum of its gorgeous parts. Few people would have the confidence to compel another to simply stare at them, but Goddess Marquesa raises poise to the realm of art. She does not only KNOW that you want Her, She FORCES you to want Her on Her terms. She is Dominance personified, truly a Goddess in both name and substance.

    I have watched “Submit to Marquesa” dozens of times, and no number of viewings ever sates my desire to see it again and again. Its effect is more than that of a drug…it is an erotic dream, a psychosexual Eden to which you will be drawn back relentlessly and deliriously to worship at the shrine of the Goddess.

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