Scent Into Slavery

44 Minutes, 40 Megabytes


“Gaze into My gorgeous green eyes.” “Feel My fingertips fascinate your flesh.”
Now…”Intoxicatingly inhale My spellbinding scent.”
“Taste the mind-numbing nectar from the foot of she you most desire.”
“Hear My velveteen voice stimulate your spirit and program your soul.”
My pet…The more of your senses I entrance, ensorcel, and enchant; the more of you I influence, enthrall, and inspire!

your 5 imagination-instructing commands are tidbits of what’s wickedly waiting to overwhelm you in My, “SCENT INTO SLAVERY” audio aphrodisiac. This recording gives you a leg lusters look and foot fetishist’s feel of what may happen in an unforgettable in-person session with Mesmerizing Mistress Marquesa.

Emerald Eyes fixation and a Post Entrancement suggestion triggered by the cosmos can and should all be yours. “SCENT INTO SLAVERY” smells of unbelievably sensual satisfactions. “SCENT INTO SLAVERY” will send you out of this world and into euphoric ecstasies.

44 Minutes


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