A Touch of Krystal

A Touch of Krystal
47 Minutes


Allow me to take you on the ultimate Sex Fantasy journey! Imagine being summoned after class by KRYSTAL- your own beautiful, playful, blonde, busty, temptingly tantalizing teacher (the one you and everyone else in college has had a schoolboy’s crush on.)

I’m sure you are already wondering….just what does your irresistible instructor have in mind for her studly student??? Well, there is ONLY one way to find out! I will gently and quickly TAKE YOU down into a deep and delectable trance. In your soothing yet stimulating sleep of supremely sexual arousal, you will swear you were actually enraptured by my Emerald Eyes… Mysteriously mesmerized by the amazing amulet deliciously dangling in the consuming cleavage between my beautiful, bountiful breasts, and enthrallingly enticed into sweet sexual surrender by the heavenly touch of my silken skin against yours!

Some say, ‘Experience is the best teacher.’ After you’ve had A Touch of Krystal, you will surely say that… ‘Teacher Krystal is the best X-perience!’

Originally $29.99 For NOW only $22.99

47 Minutes


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