Luscious Legs

Part of the Masturbation Companion series.

40 Minutes, 18 Megabytes


This completely captivating audio is excitingly delicious. LUSCIOUS LEGS is 40min. long and is composed of a repeated set of enthralling and oh so entrancing phrases I recorded in My special Dream Voice.

No entrancing inductions are involved. However, LUSCIOUS LEGS and the other Masturbation Companion recordings are just as powerful and sweetly addictive as any of My other Hott!-Erotic releases!

Sit back, relax, and interactive listen to My mesmerizing WORDS OF SEDUCTION and my honey-dipped voice while you watch erotic movies or gaze upon your favorite actress, model or erotic star over the internet or in a magazine! LUSCIOUS LEGS reminds you how much an attractive woman’s LUSCIOUS LEGS can animal magnetize you!

40 Minutes


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