Hot! Wax Hexing You

INTENSE skin stimulation!  Obey My mesmerizingly commanding voice arouses you to drip hot wax on your private parts. Unique masturbation ritual. Everything’s to worship Goddess Marquesa.

28 Minutes, 27 Megabytes



you’ll feel INTENSE!! skin stimulation while I’m HOT! WAX HEXING you.

When you obey My mesmerizingly commanding voice arousing you to decadently drip hot wax on your penis.

There’s* no overt entrancing induction* in this HOT! WAX HEXING you recording–although you know the sensuously spellbinding sounds of My voluptuously velvety voice pleasurably and passionately place you under My stunning spells no matter what I say!

Thanks to Me HOT! WAX HEXING you, you perform an unprecedented masturbation ritual.

Everything you feel, hear, and obey before, during, and after HOT! WAX HEXING you is all to worship Entrancing Dominatrix Goddess Marquesa Mistress of mind-melting BDSM.

28 Minutes, 27 Megabytes


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