Rubber Love – Catsuits & Gloves


Rubber Love – Catsuit & Gloves

Rubber features numerous ways to turn on its adherents, as many as their imagination and creativity permit.  It runs the gamut from sleeping between rubber sheets and pillow cases, and hopping into a huge rubber sac sack like a giant potato, to the most titillating clothing articles. 

Let’s now turn to discuss garments and accessories of rubber that seem to offer its wearers the greatest sexual turn-on!            

Our unadulterated elastic eroticism brings us to rubber’s highest expression, which is the Catsuit:  the simple act of donning Her Rubber endows the Woman wearing it with Extraordinary Eroticism and Supreme Sexual Power — in equal measure.  

Now, when a woman blessed with a well endowed pair of breasts unsupported by a bra walks by, you naturally savor — you cannot help but Savor — their rubbery flouncing, jouncing jiggle, but that view becomes all the more erotic and arousing when Her boobs are tightly encased in shiny rubber.  

Their rubber covering seems to magnify the proud, natural rubbery jiggle of Her boobs, and it titillates the voyeur beyond all belief. The sight of Her passing by is punctuated by the knowing, studied flaunting of Her ass, swaying rhythmically, erotically, almost hypnotically, its snug pliable, springy  restraint proudly displaying the deep, sensual crack between her ass cheeks. 

To Me, undergarments are never to be worn under a catsuit. Why?  Because their silhouette under the latex interrupts disturbs the natural flow of the body’s latex covering, distracting the viewer and detracting from the overall visual power conveyed by the fabric, thereby leaving the resulting view somehow flawed, incomplete.  

It would be as if Botticelli or Rubens painted a bra and panties on their nudes.  This flaw, in turn, detracts from the elastomeric power of the Woman wearing the suit. 

Instead, thrill NOW to the feeling of Uncontrollable Arousal that comes over you when you lay your eyes on a mature Dominant Woman in a latex catsuit…Just feel the Raw Sexual Power radiating from out from Her…

But wait:  No discussion of catsuit couture is complete without Accessories.  Start with Gloves.  Rubberists delight in many styles of latex and rubber gloves, ranging from surgical gloves made of the thinnest gauge (thickness) of rubber to heavy gauge industrial rubber gauntlets, used by power company linemen to protect themselves from electric shock, to fetish gauntlets that extend above the elbows.  

Of these models, the industrial gauntlets are not form fitting, but they offer a most delightful means of exploring certain areas of My subjects.  

Actually, all these models share that delightful characteristic, and I have used all of them at one time or another.  And so I love them all, but My personal favorite “working model” is the surgical glove, because it permits Me to feel (literally) My way into the innards of my subjects.  

However, My favorite “display model” is the long elbow-length gauntlet that so beautifully complements My catsuits.

To be continued…..

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