Lao Tzu teaches us that the masculine will always yield to the Feminine. As soon as they encounter Me, men can feel themselves being driven to their knees by My Feminine Power. 

I am the living embodiment of the Divine Feminine.

            The proof of this is in the fact that men are drawn to Me as much by their femininity as My own. My slave brianna is a case in point. Like many men, she has always loved the look and feel of bras and panties. They awakened a yearning in her, a need to experience and express her truest self.

I sensed this about her right away. 

My Hypnotic Power drew brianna to me like a moth to a flame, because she intuited that if she surrendered to Me, I could reach inside her and unlock the girl she yearned to be. And so I have.

Through hypnosis I have begun to transform brianna. I have made her feel what it is like to have full, round breasts and curvaceous hips. The lush thrill of being in a woman’s body. From a wooden boy I am turning brianna into a real girl.

Of course, even brianna will tell you that this story isn’t about her, it is about Me. Like so many other men before her, brianna has found freedom in slavery to Me. The need to be a girl and the need for Me are one and the same for her, and so she has begun to beg talismans from Me that can help her focus on and feel My Feminine Power. I am a generous Goddess, I will grant her wish….for a price. I will command her to purchase specific items of Mine that I choose. Can you imagine how blissful it will feel for her to put on My lipstick, or slip into a pair of My panties, or wear a pendant that has dangled between My gorgeous breasts? I bet you can, pet.

Has reading about brianna made your pussy slick? Do you wish you could feel what that is like? Call Me, pet. I can make your wish cum true…


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Goddess Marquesa

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