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“Necessity is the mother of invention” is a proverb often accredited to renowned philosopher Plato. And I believe that, “Mother Nature is the mother of many inventions”.

Our creativity is often aroused by studying something found in nature. Long before any human being ever conceived of anything related to RADAR, echolocation was used for navigation and/or foraging by many kinds of bats, various species of whales, and certain other animals. By studying the anatomy of birds, multi-faceted, Italian,

Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci worked out concepts which would be used successfully in aeronautics centuries later.

Franz Mesmer, James Braid, and Milton Erickson are heavyweights among the pioneers in the modern-day study and practice of hypnotism. Yet, long before any humans ever contemplated or meditated upon anything remotely connected to hypnosis, Mother Nature had well-endowed various kinds of animals with characteristics and activities which exemplify key components of what would be developed into what we know as the art, craft, and science of hypnotism.

As a practitioner, student and devotee of hypnosis, I believe two interrelated keys to inducing deep trances in others are:

#1 — Attracting My subject’s attention.


#2 — Shifting and/or altering their perceptions of the outside reality.

Aggressive mimicry enables certain predators to allure their prey into their clutches. By capturing their prey’s

attention and drawing it to themselves, and convincing their intended meal that what is actually a predator is

harmless or even desirable, predators which employ aggressive mimicry do not need to exhaust their energies in

chasing down their next banquet.

CLICK THIS – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aggressive_mimicry to read more about aggressive mimicry.

Do You/you know of some other example(s) of Mother Nature displaying the concept and powers of hypnosis in Our

world? I hope you will share them with Me.

I hope something I’ve revealed stimulates fascinating comments, observations, questions, and much more hedonistic hypnodominating. 😉

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  1. on December 10, 2017 at 6:30 am
    Rocket wrote:

    MM – food for thought on this one . i dont know if you are familiar with Camille Paglias book ” Sexual Persona ”( Yale ). She begins with ”In the beginning was nature ”. Her premise is that it is not gender blurring that controls things but the flat out fact of the biology produced by nature itself . of course she leaves a caveat to sainthood as a way out . Other than that she builds a strong case that Suzy Bright the Libertine did when she said ”Lust doth make liars of us all ”.

    I am a professional Musician and i can spot talent when i hear it . And you are really good at what you do . in relation to your one two punch with hypnotism i understand as a songwriter and performer when i zero in on an audience . then as you know …moth disorientation to flame .

    all the best . Rocket Kirchner


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