Miraculous Feet


My feet are irresistibly sexy. The drool My feet have inspired could irrigate the state of Texas for ten years. The cum spewed in worship of My feet could resupply every sperm bank in North America. Perhaps the only thing nearly as amazing as My feet is the amount of time you spend fantasizing about them.

Knowing that My feet are out there and that your lips are not pressed to My instep, your mouth is not sucking on My toes, is torture, I know. Don’t worry, pet. I am a generous Goddess. Someday I might let you kneel at My feet and paint My toes. Picture it. My perfect feet, inches from your face, relaxing as your trembling hands apply the polish, stroke by stroke….

Of course, you will fuck up My toenails. It will all have to be redone. My feet are far too precious, far too gorgeous to be entrusted to a worm like you. They must be professionally tended by the most skillful pedicurists. Tribute your Goddess now, slave. Pay for My pedicure. I deserve it, you know you owe it to Me. I am entitled to have My perfect feet served by My adoring slaves.

If you are a very good boy, there are other things I might allow you to do…..See yourself kneeling before Me, My exquisite foot held in your trembling hands. Slowly you knead the balls and arches, massaging away the tension, breathing in the fragrance of My ease….If you rub just right, I might moan softly in pleasure.

Needless to say, however well you do, however skillfully you rub, you are not good enough for Me. I am entitled to have My feet pampered by the most expert reflexologists. My team have been serving Me worshipfully for years, they know every muscle and tendon in My perfect feet. They stroke Me in exactly the right way, and it should be you who pays their fee. Do it now, slave. Send Me your tribute, you know it is only right. The orgasms you stroke yourself to while thinking of My feet will not be fully satisfying until you have given Me My due.

Serve Me, boy. I command it! If you are a good pet, your sweetest dream might come true. Yes, your pulsing cock, tautly stiff and oily, held between My smooth arches. My exquisite calves flex as My feet slide up and down, up and down, tickling the tip, nuzzling the base, stroking the staff.

My technique is practiced and flawless, I can make you feel anything I desire. Will I draw forth a geyser of cum? If I do, you will be forced to lick My feet clean of sticky goo. Will I stop in mid stroke, and leave You begging? Hmmm…you’ll just have to find out. In the meantime, you have some business to attend to, don’t you pet?

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Goddess Marquesa

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