Latex and Rubber Fetish


         The Latex and Rubber Fetish fits hand in hand with Hypnosis like a nurse’s hand in a rubber surgical glove.

And its sooo many wonderfully sensual qualities endow L&R with a powerfully unique aphrodisiacal property.

Because rubber enthusiasts claim it has the supreme ability to so erotically arouse its adherents while they experience its many sensual properties.

They feel they achieve a sexual high far greater than any bliss they could experience without it.

[Incidentally, latex and rubber both come from the sap of the rubber tree, known as Latex, so I’ll use the terms interchangeably.

Moreover, when rubberists use the term latex, they refer to clothing and accessories made from thin, translucent sheets of rubber, which means it’s just rubber, anyway.]

In all candor, I must also confess that, so arousing do I find Latex and Rubber, that the simple act of describing the Latex and Rubber Fetish makes Me feel extremely lustful and libidinous, powerful, seductive and sexxy, and so the more I write about it, the more turned on I be-come.

Knowing this, My pet I hope as you go further along in your reading you will become more and more fascinated by My description of things rubbery, and become more and more deeply drawn in to the things I describe, and, I hope, perhaps you will even come to feel more and more turned on as you follow My narrative: 

Keep in mind that getting there is half the fun.  Along the way, I’m certain that portions of My descriptions will pique your interest and captivate your attention, and I firmly believe that as we proceed onward, some of My images will become lodged enduringly in your consciousness, and that some of My words will indelibly embed themselves, deep in your mind.


And so let’s move along…

So how to describe the sensual properties of latex?  Begin, perhaps, by examining the fabric itself, its inherent qualities and how these, in turn, affect rubberists.  More specifically, how they translate into pure, intense, undisguised, uninhibited sexuality.

Let’s start with rubber’s distinctive Smell.  There’s nothing like it — pungent, sulfury, heady, intoxicating — and Erotic and Arousing!

Now one might contend that through their ability to arouse through the olfactory sense, latex and rubber are no different than perfumes, which can also stimulate sexual arousal through the olfactory sense.

But, perfume generates arousal through a subtle, delicate, feminine quality, whereas the smell of rubber exudes raw, robust sexuality in a way that the offerings of Dior and Chanel can never match — one could never mistake the smell of rubber for perfume.

Then, rubber is impermeable, waterproof:  It does not allow air and other gases to pass through it.  Perhaps most important, it repels water and other liquids — including bodily fluids. a quality that makes it ideal for sexual games and fetish activities in which the players desire or crave non-contact with their outside stimuli.

Next, there’s the matchless Feel of rubber:  so naturally supple and flexible to the touch when it’s unstretched.  Take a swatch of dry rubber fabric between your thumb and forefinger, fold it, and flick the fold with another finger and you can only marvel at its liveliness and pliability while it wibble-wobbles back and forth until it comes to rest.

No other covering or fabric, fetish or otherwise — neither cellophane nor Saran Wrap, nor canvas, nor silk, satin nor lace, and certainly not PVC nor even leather — quivers or vibrates anything like rubber.  And as for their elastic qualities, there aren’t any.  And in contrast with Jello, which feels wet and sticky to the touch, you can savor the smooth, silky sensation of dry rubber sliding over your skin.

Which leads Me to mention its inherent Softness — as soft as a newborn’s tush, as soft as the skin surrounding a nipple or covering the cap of a penis.

That’s how rubber feels when it’s dry, but what about when it’s wet?

When they are moistened by water or a lubricant, latex and rubber glide over the skin virtually free from friction.  Just imagine moistened rubber, sliding friction-free — smoothly, effortlessly — over your skin…or imagine rubbing it over sensitive areas of your body.

Now add the extraordinary supple elasticity of rubber:  As a tightly fitted latex garment expands and contracts with the motion of the body underneath, no other covering material confers, much less rivals, the unique sensation that its elastic, rubbery texture conveys to the layer of skin which lies beneath.

When latex is stretched tightly over the skin, it feels like a second skin.

As the elastic fabric warms to the temperature of the body beneath, it seems to truly come alive, adhering ever more snugly to the body, encasing it — imprisoning it — in a stretchable cocoon, a tightly clinging, impermeable amniotic membrane — leakproof, air- and water-tight — a membrane that bestows on its wearer zen-like peace and protection from all things outside.

And, to mention one crowning tactile property of rubber, in the form of a very thin membrane, it transmits touch almost as faithfully as your fingertips, which is why the best surgical gloves — and condoms — come in rubber…

Now,,,Just imagine the Feel of sensitive body parts sheathed in slippery, wet rubber, being kneaded, stroked, or teased from without.

Last, there’s the unrivaled Look of it…You know — You Love!! — the sheer erotic sensuality of the female form…enclosed…encased in Latex…


Each body part highlighted in thinly stretched elastic…showcasing like no other material the proud thrust of the breasts, nipples highlighted in rubbery relief, the blood-swollen lower lips pushing out into the tightly clinging textile.

Inviting you to feel, touch and tease, to stroke and knead…or, for the latex wearer, inviting tactile exploration by another through feeling, touching and teasing, stroking and kneading. To be continued…..

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