After you read, hear or watch the news, do you find yourself anxious or angry…or fearful and depressed…pessimistic and despondent…completely worn down?  Aren’t you just plain tired of the news?  Of course you are — and you should be.  

If you feel the news is a DOWNER, you’re right!  It is depressing, it does make you feel angry…fearful…uneasy…totally bummed out.  No surprise; the news is deliberately created to do that and specifically intended to keep you in a perpetual state of anger — feeling as though you want to strike out against something or someone — or of misery and unhappiness, of unease and unrest.  

Now I said created because I also firmly believe that at least three-quarters of everything you read or hear or watch in the media is made up.  

That’s right!  

That means what you read, listen to or watch is fiction and fantasy.  And its creators and disseminators are extremely skilled at what they do — as you know by how it makes you feel, all too acutely!  In fact, I could accurately call them ill-intentioned, corrupt hypnotists. 

Very good ones, to be sure, but they certainly don’t have your best interests at heart.  

In fact, quite the opposite is true.  

I have been dealing with the human mind for decades, and, trust Me, I know full well what depresses or cheers up the spirit — so I know what I am talking about.

        So, what can you do — where can you go — to counter this constant, engineered negativity?  Where can you find respite and relief from all the fecal muck that the media continues to spew out?  

Where can you escape the continuous barrage of BS they heap on all of us? 

        Simple!  Come to Me.  Simply stated, I am the antidote for all the negativity of the media…I am the answer!  I have always provided therapies that overcome despondence and create happiness and good cheer.  


I specialize in aiding and abetting those who want to escape, who seek solace from the day to day parade of pessimism and bleakness that the media spew out. 

As the consummate Escape Artist, just let Me — or, more accurately, let My special soothing Voice — lift you up out the mire of perpetual pessimism and anger, up out of the muck.

Let My Golden Voice artfully and artistically lift you — transport you — guide you — to a special place, a place far removed from the tawdry sewer of hopeless media-induced despondency in which you now feel irreversibly stuck.  

A place where you will forget all the tawdry blather of the media and focus on things far more enjoyable.  

For many years, My Golden Voice has guided, led, even teased My clients into a place of relaxing respite and relief — a place where you feel profound pleasure.

A place of joy and mellow happiness instead of sadness.  A heavenly alternative to the spiritual hell I will help you leave behind — far, far behind.  

Plus, I always have your best interests at heart.  

When you Escape With Me, I guarantee one thing for sure:  the fantasies you encounter that I will induce will leave you feeling a hell of lot better and happier than you feel after encountering the fantasies induced by the media.  

So Come to Me and leave Me with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

(727) 307-3875.  Why not call now?

Goddess Marquesa

Goddess Marquesa

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