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I am mind-molding Mistress Marquesa.
And I am possessing you.
All of you will be mine.
I will ever-increasingly own and control you.
I SHALL USE THE METAPHOR OF A wantonly wicked web in which you shall see Me in black satin gloves and black silk stockings in a gothic stle very low cut dress capturing and spellbinding you.
See Me and My sneering ruby red luscious lips in Myyyyyyy ever so inescapable wicked web, my pet!
I am hopelessly and helplessly ensnaring you within its unbreakable strands.
There is no way to escape My silkiest and stickier web of BONDAGE.  knows and feels certain you are ENTRANCED TO SERVE!

You will see one of GODDESS MARQUESA’S SIRENS SEDUCE YOU with a DANGLING crystal adorned in her PVC outfit, fishnet stockings and thigh high boots…… holding this captivating crystal mesmerizingly before you – your eyes shall stay entrancingly enthralled.

My presence, My powers, and My prowess pervasively persuades you are already and always Mine!


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