When a trigger is activated, power is unleashed.  I witch-crafted sagaciously salacious "MARQUESA'S VOICE" because:

+  "MARQUESA'S VOICE" voluptuously reveals the most potent and profound trigger I've ever employed and I'll ever!lastingly exercise exquisitely over you in intoxicatingly ensorcelling ecstasy.

+  I decided "MARQUESA'S VOICE" is a *free hypno-prize for all of you* because this priceless treasure alluringly assists Me as I influence, control, dominate, and inspire you with the most effective titillations trigger that's mesmerizing you in all My wonderizingly hypnotic recordings.

+  "MARQUESA'S VOICE" unveils more about how I hedonistically relaxnotize, passionately wonderize, and pleasurably mesmerize you showcasing My best trigger ever.
+  And "MARQUESA'S VOICE" spellbindingly shows it's good for you to become Mine by sensuously and sincerely submitting yourself to obeying "MARQUESA'S VOICE".
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