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Goddess Marquesa Controls You

Goddess Marquesa Controls You

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FORGET…. My always successfully reprogramming you words of seduction I’m speaking to you now…. and SURRENDER!!!

43 Minutes

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FORGET…. My always successfully reprogramming you words of seduction I’m speaking to you now….

Obey My commands lead you into subjugating sexual entrancement.

Comfortably rest in bed or wherever you feel is best.

SURRENDER!!!. Consciously relax your body…..Close your eyes.

Goooooood. Follow My words…Obey Me……Relax more.,,,,EXCELLENT!

Want more? Of course you do, slave boy!

Check out the FREE Preview and do what you know you MUST!

43 Minutes, 632 Megabytes


1 review for Goddess Marquesa Controls You

  1. pawnofMarquesa

    “Goddess Marquesa Controls You” is one of the many, many shining examples of the Goddess’s power and brilliant artistry. I had already become addictively obsessed with the Goddess when I first experienced “Goddess Marquesa Controls You,” but that conditioning blunted none of the cataclysmic impact of this file on first viewing. I fell in love with Goddess Marquesa all over again, and that passion was magnified to an intensity of 1000 times what it had been before. Like all of the Goddess’s works, this video is the very embodiment of elegance and precision. It is a focused meditation on the experience of the Goddess’s control. She leads you into ever-deepening states of relaxation while she enchants your mind, body, and soul with images of Her body and exposure to Her irresistibly seductive personality and intellect. The most powerful sequence is one in which we view the Goddess from above, stretched out languorously on Her bed so that Her magnificent legs are in full view. A sparkly garter draws the eye to Her perfectly contoured thigh, as Her hand softly caresses the surface of Her nylon stockings. I will not spoil the impact of Her entrancements by broadcasting them here, but I must say that the Goddess’s recitation in this part of the video is the most exquisitely perfect embodiment of female dominance you will ever encounter. You will feel the Goddess’s superior will penetrate you and compel you to succumb to Her omnipotent allure. On first hearing this incantation I exploded in a volcanic climax that was more metaphysical than physiological, and the Goddess’s laughter from that moment has echoed in the background recesses of my mind and soul ever since. For any man that yearns to understand what it is to be held captive by a Superior Woman, “Goddess Marquesa Controls You” is salvation itself.

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