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Arousing Sounds

Arousing Sounds


I take “you down” into deeper entrancing surrender and then further still!… Tonight is our night for Sound – I strike My tuning fork . . . GIVING WONDERFULLY INTENSE SENSATIONS.

Length 22:44 552 Mb

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I fetch you in my limousine and you step in mindlessly as if you have been so trained. We arrive at a very private club where everyone seems to know you. I take “you down” into deeper hypnotic surrender and then further still!… to where you walk onstage for me and without any inhibitions or self-consciousness you undress. Tonight is our night for Sound play as I take the long stainless steel instrument and sensuously, ever so gently and erotically thread it up your urethra for the pleasure of the audience. Then I strike My tuning fork . . . GIVING WONDERFULLY INTENSE SENSATIONS to your mind and body that science and nature never intended . . . and that come the morning, you will never remember but forever feel.

Length 0:25:44 Size 552 Mb


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